Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pasta with onions, eggplant, and tomatoes

First off sorry there is not picture.  I was just so hungry that I forgot to take a picture before I devoured it!  I just made this up so you could add or delete anything from this.  I thought it was very good and light, I didn't feel so full after eating it.  So here is what I did:

Cook some noodles (any kind you like I used whole wheat pasta.)
Slice onions and eggplant in small strips then saute' then in some extra virgin olive oil.
Add some salt and pepper to eggplant mixture.
Once everything is cook I put the noodles on my plate then layered it with the onions and eggplant
I then cut up a fresh tomato and put that on top.
I topped the dish off by putting some Italian cheese on top.

Hope you enjoy!!

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  1. wow, that sounds really good, Shama! I'm impressed you made this one up too-- way to go! Thanks for the recipe